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government freight services

Navifreight is proud to offer freight shipping services to the US military and non-military government agencies. We have the necessary tools in place to handle time sensitive, mission critical, and secure shipments with approved, trustworthy carriers. We are HAZMAT, oversized, large transport experts.

Navifreight: Your Government Freight Partner

Whether your freight is going to or coming from local, state, or federal institutions, we maintain all required certifications to ship both government and military freight nationwide. Navifreight is capable of fulfilling critical shipment requirements efficiently and confidentially. We provide services through GSA, SDDC, and FEMA. With our knowledge and expertise, you can ship confidently with Navifreight.

What We Ship:

  • Non-Perishable Goods
  • Non-Weapon/Ammunition Supplies
  • Transport, Fighting, and Amphibious Vehicles
  • Unit Moves
  • Office Moves
  • Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • Construction Equipment
  • Presidential Shipments

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